Thursday, June 4, 2009

Practising Permaculture as TransFarmer

Square Foot Gardening is urbanites' way of managing food-safety and food-security in limited urban spaces (yards or even balconies), while becoming TransFarmer / Culturvator (both word-play on the Transformation Farming and Cultural Innovator) at the same time. Please click here for more details.

And don't forget to down-load FREE the relevant presentation files on Food Security & Home-scale Permaculture by clicking here (for ppt format) or here (for pdf format), which explain the methodology / approach in greater details.

Or you might want view the TED Talk presented by Michael Pollan on permaculture, showing the wonder of permaculture in transforming us while healing the Earth.

For the more adventure-oriented type, you might be ready for investment for the immediate realization of becoming TransFarmer / Culturvator .... you might want to check out further on this opportunity.